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Olive Tree

Custom Villa

Zhejiang Province, China

Olive Tree Properties

Inspired by Chinese classical architecture, this home represents a fresh modern interpretation of traditional design.The horizontal layered floor plan layout echoes the beauty of surrounding hills. The central courtyard allows the gardens to creep in from all sides, the home’s simple geometry transitions to organic forms, reflecting the local terrain. Floor to ceiling windows stretch throughout the gracious living spaces, extending an invitation to the tea plantations while reflecting and blending with their beauty.The massing and detailing of the facades follow the horizontal lines of the plan, expressing the home’s desire to soar and reach out to hills beyond. A reference to classical Chinese roof form is expressed at the entry, blending with a cantilevered eave carrying the thematic modern roof elements.This home’s prolific features represent a harmonious marriage between architecture and nature, embodying the essence of both tranquility and timelessness.  

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